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Athens restaurants
Literally thousands of traditional eating places, taverns, with or without music but always delicious, inexpensive food can be found in Athens and its suburbs, along with hundreds of restaurants of every style and nationality. Numerous night-clubs vie for the visitor's attention with the uniquely. Thousands of bars, pubs, and snack-type eating places, including the famous souvlaki stands, are to be found, ready to service the needs of a great variety of customers.


Pluto Restaurant, Bar. 38 Ploutarchou Street, Kolonaki. Tel. 210- 7244713

Situated in the heart of Athens, Kolonaki, PLUTO appeals to the most selective lovers of the modern, international cuisine. You are bound to enjoy a pleasant dinner in this warm and enjoyable environment. A great mix of ethnic music is been played by DJ to accompany all the unique dishes of the menu. Exclusively PLUTO makes these delicious inspirations of the creative, international cuisine.


Prytaneum Restaurant, 7 Milioni Street, Kolonaki.  Tel. 210-3643353

Walking along the small pedestrian street called Milioni, one encounters a renovated neoclassical house which has been converted to a beautiful bar-restaurant. One of the downtown favorites offers a lively atmosphere and is a landmark meeting place for all people. Authentic Greek, Italian and Spanish dishes are skillfully prepared by experienced Greek-Italian chef. There, you can enjoy a tasty light lunch or your coffee. Those who prefer quieter surroundings are welcome at the seating areas on the upper level and those who prefer to see and be seen can be seated at tables into the street.

Taverna Kalokerinos, 10 Kekropos Street, Plaka.  Tel. 210-3232054

Renowned for its delicious greek dishes, its incomparable service, its Athenian atmosphere under the Acropolis. Music, songs, guitars and dance for you to enjoy a wonderful evening


Mnisikleous Restaurant, 22 Lisiou Street, Plaka. Tel. 210-3225558

In the area of Plaka, in the historic Athenian neighborhood, with the view of Acropolis in an friendly environment. Wonderful tastes, Incredible specialties,
Reasonable prices and live music.

Our Restaurant in Athens

The Petrino Athens, Themistokleous & Akadimias Street. Tel. 210 - 3804100

The first Petrino restaurant was established in one of the most beautiful traditional buildings in Athens in 1990. Since then, from a first glance, it has captured and held the imagination and allows one to travel to a bygone era, which seemed to have been lost forever. The  International cuisine, the unexpectedly huge variety of excellent snacks (mezedes) and food, represents love and zeal for a restaurant with nostalgic atmosphere. These are but a few of the reasons why Petrino has many times been honored by the presence of famous celebrities from the political, the art and the academic fields, as well as the innumerable lovers of quality, good food and atmosphere.

Altamira Restaurant, 36 Tsakalof Street, Kolonaki. Tel. 210-3614695

Altamira found in Marousi and in Kolonaki is a restaurant where visitors can travel through civilizations and traditions characteristic of ethnic culture!
A mixture of 3ed world cuisine brought together through it's unique spices such as cumin from the Middle East, masala from India, the fruity tastes of Asia, and the spicy peppers of Mexico. Altamira is the home for ethnic- dinners who wish to experience the taste and aroma which stem from the people and the land of this culture. The transformation of cultures begins as visitors enter Altamira's gate and walk up a long circular wooden staircase in order to find themselves in a room filled with ethnic art, dark wooden furniture and heavy curtains. The peach, yellow and red hues that have been used to further decorate this space have been inspired from the prehistoric Altamira caves found in Spain.



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